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Online marketing is a rabbit hole full of charlatans who promise you the earth but won't make the slightest effort to understand your dream and take responsibility for your success.

GOZEN MEDIA (named after a loving and 'bad-ass' female samurai) was born from a profound passion for seeing businesses reach their true potential. We help you focus on research-based content marketing and SEO activities that will work for you so you can save time, doubts and money on useless strategies. 


Featured Case Study

Content marketing strategy and new freelance website resulting on immediate sales growth 

Alvaro Antona


Peru has a great talent in making it really easy to communicate despite being located thousands of kilometres apart.
He is a master of opening paths; we are so grateful to have him in our team travelling beyond frontiers and connecting with the heart.

— Amalia Hornero - Flamenco Route Madrid
Multi-lingual, multi-layer, multi-talented. These are just three ways to describe Peru. He challenges briefs, asks the best questions and works overtime to deliver the promises he makes. I highly recommend working with Peru. You won’t be disappointed. 

— Dan Flanagan - Don't Believe The Hype
Working with Peru is walking hand by hand with your goals
I’m not an internet specialist, nor I’m a newbie. This is my third website in 10 years, and since Peru Buesa is on my project, the steps are increasingly easy and simple. He is impeccable at translating complex things into simple and effective.
Working with him makes your development online easy and independent.
His rates not only include the service you hire but also training on how to approach and navigate the internet.
— Alvaro Antona
alvaro antona

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