ModeAudio - From 0 to infinite DB


We have been working with ModeAudio since early 2014. I've loved this project from day one because I am a bit of a musician myself, and this company was set to dominate the electronic music sample world. With a team of incredibly innovative music technologists constantly creating state of the art sounds and music loops, Mode Audio feeds the imagination and execution of thousands of bedroom and professional music producers all over the world, day, and of course, night.


The challenge

An incredibly competitive arena with millions of producers trying to spend at least as possible on their creations, bedroom music production is a tough market niche. Here it is essential to understand the psychographics of the target audience and convey a message of trust that will eventually make them comfortable investing in lots of high-quality sounds.

As an e-commerce site, it was essential for to design a smart choice architecture for an audience that has a very limited time to trust the website and get their demands satisfied. This choice architecture also needs to be easily understood by search engines.


The action

A thorough keyword research with search intent insights for each keyword was provided. This informed the on-page optimisation of the site so that it satisfied that user intent and also informed search engines of the relevance of the pages.

A white hat backlink building strategy was provided. As a niche company, a rather targeted backlink strategy was recommended, which the owners themselves embraced as part of their general marketing and management's activities.

The structure of the site was initially prepared for customers but had ignored certain elements of search engine crawling and indexation, so we made changes in the URL structure and added some indexing meta tags in order for the search engines to easily read the site.

At all moments of the project, digital insights were used to make educated decisions.


The results

Thanks to an incredibly efficient workflow, organic traffic to the site saw an 823% improvement in the first year and a 65% growth in the second year. Mode Audio has been featured on countless niche magazines and press releases ever since.

Peru is an incredibly talented and insightful search engine optimiser, who is able to put his analytical skills and technical knowledge to good use across a wide range of SEO services. Particularly, he has helped us identify relevant keyword targets as well as greatly informing our wider SEO strategy, both off and on site. If rigorous, carefully planned, well presented and punctual work is what you’re looking for, Peru is your man!
— Niall McCallum - ModeAudio