Giuseppes Lite - Changing Worthing one scoop at a time


Worthing is getting a better taste

And new businesses and ideas are arriving at this sunny town. In 2015, Giuseppe's Lite was born to bring an authentic Sicilian experience filled with tonnes of artisan gelato, traditional patisserie and street-food. Customers can enjoy their delicious products in the laid back and colourful atmosphere of the shop, or at home, as all the menu items is available for takeaway and delivery, including the gelato!


The challenge

As a new business, the brand needed an SEO consultant to establish itself no only physically in the high-street, but also locally on Google. Local search is increasingly driven by mobile devices, where people expect to find the specific information very quickly. In addition, competition for takeaway and food delivery is fierce, as big names like JustEat dominate the market in virtually every town in the UK.


The process

  • Our local SEO checklist was used to make sure that all the opportunities were taken advantage of at the local level.

  • A super call-to-action-oriented PPC campaign was set up for people to click on the ads and immediately place a takeaway order. 

  • Because the site is offering different things for different search intents, we decided to create a number of pages optimised for each need (e.g. take away).
  • Several local backlinks and mentions were created in many high-quality websites.
  • As a local business, social media presence is crucial, so we linked SEO with social media and reputation management


The Results

As a result of the work done on the site, Giuseppe's Lite is now ranking for a wider number of keywords than in the beginning, and receiving solid orders. Also, the number of new customers to the takeaway service and the shop is increasing steadily.

And Sav is happy!

IMG_20160529_151344937-1 (1).jpg
“Peru is a legend What a great experience!

He helped me with and after 2 months we already have fantastic results and that is only thanks to Peru! Working with Peru is an Outstanding Experience! Peru’s advice is extremely helpful and he is very good at keeping you up to date. I would recommend this guy 100%!

Thanks Peru!”

— Sav Mela - Giuseppes Lite