Flamenco Route Madrid - a route with 'Duende'


Making flamenco more alive than ever

Flamenco Route Madrid is an incredible dramatised experience that takes you back to the origins of Flamenco across the streets of Madrid, ensuring the visitor not only hears stories and music, but also is able to have a sensory experience to feel that magical 'thing' flamenco has which is called 'duende' (Spanish for 'gnome').


The challenge

The route had a willing team of professional artists and accountants, but lacked someone to guide them through the realms of online marketing. As they offer something more original and engaging than the average flamenco show in Madrid, they needed to be high on Google search for anybody looking to have the ultimate flamenco experience.


The process

  • On page SEO.

  • Content marketing strategy where we tell the story on the blog and promote it across different travel platforms.

  • Changes on the website to optimise the information offered about the route. This was very important because the route offers an original experience that needs to be explained carefully.

  • We provided Ideas for additional services and products. These have been implemented, changing the concept radically.


    The Results

    The project is getting more attraction and climbing up the rankings for competitive keywords on Google organic.

    We have a content marketing strategy in place around the ins and outs of watching flamenco in Spain. 

    Plus, the marketing work has encouraged the team to innovate on their products and generate more traffic, more case studies and more hearts to pump up with the magic of flamenco.

    Gozen Media team with Amalia Hornero (centre)

    Gozen Media team with Amalia Hornero (centre)

    Peru has a great talent in making it really easy to communicate despite being located thousands of km apart. He is a master in opening paths; we are so grateful to have him in our team traveling beyond frontiers and connecting with the heart.
    — Amalia Hornero - Flamenco Route Madrid