Don't Believe the Hype - a new voice for the new lad


The Results

  • A powerful tool to give DBTH revolutionary ideas the credibility they deserve
  • 162% increase in traffic on the first month the site went live.


The Challenge

Don't Believe the Hype started out as a dad blog, but his creator Dan Flanagan realised he needed to communicate that becoming a dad is not a watershed between your young and mature lives, it can be way more fun than that. He walked the talk by creating 'Tot Rockin Beats', a successful event that takes the form of a rave for kids and their parents.

Very soon the idea beget a revolution and Don't Believe The Hype set out to be the first agency of Dad. As such, the idea needed a new easy-to-use website with the right SEO optimisation.


The Work

The old DBTH website was imported into a new premium WordPress theme that was appropriately customised to suit the message and the tone of Don't Believe the Hype.

Extra work was done to accommodate for Instagram feeds, Mixcloud playlist and great stories to feature on the site.

We then also created a content marketing strategy to identify the most appropriate content formats and promotion channels.

A backlink strategy was put together to find backlink opportunities to give the website the authority it deserves in the eyes of Google.


Working with Peru was an absolute dream. From project conception to completion, Peru walked me through the bits I needed to know and got on with the bits that I didn’t.

The deadlines were met and with special requests, nothing was too much trouble.

I can thoroughly recommend Peru and have already referred him to two clients who are also extremely happy with their digital marketing.
— Dan Flanagan - Don't Believe the Hype