Digital Marketing Strategies to set you free


Have you ever thought for a second that taking your small business on the internet would mean instant traffic and sales?

I have, for exactly one second :)

The internet is a rabbit hole. It’s a crowded rabbit hole! back in the day you could be a pioneer on new trends. Now it becomes more and more difficult. For your small business, the internet is not something new or optional anymore.


Because ...every one is on the internet

There are endless social media platforms, email lists, digital marketing charlatans who want  your money and time. Plus, there are plenty of competitors who are already getting most of the visitors. In fact, digital marketing is expected to grow at a 11% per annum until 2021.

So what can you do?

A lot of small businesses hire interns or entry-level people to create a strategies and make sure that 'they catch up with internet marketing'. We have seen it with our own eyes because we once were those interns.

Interns are not experienced (otherwise you would need to spend over 25k a year) and cannot compare and contrast with things they have seen themselves. They therefore don’t get efficient results, and they use your company as a laboratory for their own professional development.

Even if you try to do your internet marketing yourself, the chances are you will not have time to plan and execute properly, and you will be wasting your time. Eventually you will give up,  lose track of 'digital' and then plan to come back when it's too late. By then, networking events and word of mouth will remain your main lead generating channels. 

Not a very good long term strategy, because I’m assuming... want to spend less time on your business and make it work by itself.

Enter your digital marketing strategy

Before delivering a message, you need to be very clear with what is your message and what is your positioning in a competitive market. You need to know what clients require, what they expect, what the crave for. You need to be aware of what your competitors are doing and analyse everything very well.

Then you implement what is best, report on everything you do, optimise and...

...grow your traffic and leads exponentially

Our digital marketing strategies are designed to get a thorough glimpse of your industry and in less than 3 weeks have a comprehensive list of actions of everything you need to do online to achieve your goals. The strategy includes ready to implement documents designed to require the least amount of time from you.

By implementing our digital strategy to the letter your traffic is going to start growing after the first month of execution

What is included?

1. Target audience, competitor and company research

2. Content marketing recommendations

3. Social media recommendations

4. Conversion optimisation recommendations

5. On-page SEO Recommendations

6. OFF-page SEO recommendations

7. A list of influencers to reach out (includes a step by step process).

Plus, if you want we can implement the strategy for you (for a monthly fee). 

We use the 80 20 or Pareto rule, going after those things that work best and neglecting anything else. 

Benefits of our Digital Marketing Strategies

  • More traffic
  • More revenue
  • More time for running your business
  • Digital literacy for your staff

What is next?

If you are struggling with your digital marketing strategies then click here to arrange a free consultation where we will tell you what is needed to improve your traffic, how much money you are going to make and by when (FREE Audit included!)

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