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content marketing strategies

Have you ever thought for a second that your small business website means instant traffic and sales?

We did, just to realise how wrong we were. We didn't give up though, and what we've learned has helped us consistently create traffic and leads for our clients.

We also learned that the internet is a rabbit hole. It’s a crowded rabbit hole!

back in the day, you could be a pioneer on new trends. Now it's increasingly difficult. For your small business, being visible online isn't optional anymore.


Because ...everyone is on the internet

There are endless social media platforms, email lists and digital marketing charlatans who want your money and time. Plus, there are plenty of competitors who are already getting most of the visitors. In fact, digital marketing is expected to grow at an 11% per annum until 2021.

So what can you do?

A lot of small businesses hire interns or entry-level people to create strategies and make sure that 'they catch up with internet marketing'. We have seen it with our own eyes because we once were those interns.

Interns are not experienced (otherwise you would need to spend over $30k a year) and cannot compare and contrast with things they have seen themselves. Therefore, they don’t get efficient results, and they use your company as a laboratory for their own professional development.

Even if you try to do your internet marketing yourself, the chances are you will not have time to plan and execute it properly, and you will be wasting your time. Eventually, you'll give up, lose track of 'digital' and then plan to come back when it's too late. By then, networking events and word of mouth will remain your main lead generating channels. 

Not a very good long-term strategy, because I’m assuming... want to spend less time on your business and make it work by itself.

content marketing is the present and future of online marketing

Advertising is dying a slow death. Customers are now independently searching for solutions, and they are aching to have someone to genuinely answer their questions, someone whose expertise they can trust. 

Content marketing is the art of positioning your brand as an expert in your niche to the point that your audience has no other option but to doing business with you. In a few points it works like this:

1. Your brand offers a myriad of free and gated content pieces that answer to your audience's questions

2. Your audience starts trusting your brand

3. Convert some of those who trust you into leads

4. Convert those leads into clients

5. Keep those clients and make them refer you

Then you implement what's best, report on everything you do, optimise and...

...grow your traffic and leads exponentially

Our content marketing strategies are designed to get a thorough glimpse of your industry and in less than 3 weeks have a comprehensive list of actions of everything you need to do online to achieve your goals. The strategy includes ready to implement documents designed to require the least amount of time from you.

By implementing our content marketing strategy to the letter your traffic is going to start growing after the first month of execution

What is included?

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1. Message positioning

Your brand has a unique way of solving your customer's problem that differentiates you from the crowd. We will make sure that we understand what that is and we use it as the basis of anything that you are going to publish online. 

audience (1).png

2. Target audience and competitor research

If you target the wrong people, no one will become a lead of you. Hence we conduct a thorough inquiry of who your perfect customer is and what problems and challenges is he facing that you can solve. 

We also look at how your competitors are already solving your audiences problems. 


3. Content Audit

Based on the latest content marketing trends, we check whether or not your website and social media presence is already answering your audiences questions and we identify opportunities. 

We also look at whether the website is currently set up so that visitors convert into leads and leads convert into customers. 


4. Content marketing recommendations

We will tell you what content you need online to wow your client at all stages of their buyer's journey

Awareness: They are looking for info about their problem and they come across your brand.

Consideration: They believe that you are such an expert that you might be able to solve their problem.

Decision: They have no doubt that you are the one to solve their problem with your services and products. 


5. Content promotion recommendations

Unless you are a highly recognised brand in your niche, your content will not reach anybody unless you actively promote it to those corners of the internet where they are dying to know the answer to their problem that lies in your content. 

We will identify social media, websites and influencers that will fall in love with your content and share it among their networks. it's also crucial to gain backlinks, which will lead into higher SEO rankings. 


6. Social media recommendations

It's time to stop wasting time publishing empty posts on Facebook just for the sake of posting something. Your content marketing strategy will feed your social media so that you are giving value to your audience. At the same time, we will remind you how important it is to engage with your audience!


7. Reporting template

What gets measured gets managed. We will tell you what metrics you need to look at every month to ensure that everything we do pays off. If it doesn't, we'll optimise the strategy


8. Training

We will explain the why of everything we say and how it needs to get implemented. 

All our content recommendations are SEO optimised and gain backlinks which will improve your Google ranking.

Benefits of our Content Marketing Strategies

  • More traffic

  • More revenue
  • More time for running your business
  • Digital literacy for your staff

The price of the strategy only is $699

Implementation options

So we will give you a winning content marketing strategy designed only for you. But who is going to make the dream come true? There are three options

1. You do it yourself 

2. We coach you to do it ($499 a month)

3. We do it for you (price depends on strategies)



Working with Gozen Media is walking hand by hand with your goals
I’m not an internet specialist, nor I’m a newbie. This is my third website in 10 years, and since Peru Buesa is on my project, the steps are increasingly easy and simple. He is impeccable at translating complex things into simple and effective.
Their rates not only include the service you hire but also training on how to approach and navigate the internet.
— Alvaro Antona - Flamenco Guitarist

Content marketing strategy case study




What's next?

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