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Watch Out! Content Marketing Trends We’re Expecting For 2018

Watch Out! Content Marketing Trends We’re Expecting For 2018

content marketing 2018

The world of marketing is never static, and to truly stay ahead of the game, you have to be ready to evolve your strategy at any time. The modern consumer is often on the move, always engaging with and developing new ideas, and seldom wants to waste time on yesterday’s news.

So as 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at what to expect in the coming year. The following approaches to content marketing are becoming ever more relevant, and we fully expect to seem them move to the forefront of marketing best practices as the year goes on.

Voice Search

To keep your website at the top of the rankings, content marketers now need to start thinking about voice queries. From 2008 to 2016, voice search rates increased by a stunning 35x. Meanwhile, ComScore has predicted that by 2020, 50 percent of searches could be voice queries.

This could mean rethinking your keywords, or even looking into ways to facilitate voice-driven navigation on your website. Marketers also need to keep in mind that the web user who uses a voice search is unlikely to have the time or patience for complex navigation, slow-loading websites, or cluttered layouts.

Plan your content for an audience that is always on the move, and needs you to deliver solutions to their problems in as clear and easily digestible a way as possible.

Influencer Marketing

From celebrity endorsements to reviews from rising Facebook and YouTube personalities, associating your brand with social influencers is a great way to increase visibility and get people talking about your business.

This looks set to be just as much the case in 2018, with social proof remaining a powerful tool to have in your repertoire. On top of using well known figures, however, you should also work on ways to get your loyal customers to act as influencers on your behalf.

While individually they may have a narrower reach, as a community they have a vast number of connections. Furthermore, buyers are in general far more likely to act on a recommendation from a trusted friend or relative, than they are on a suggestion from the brand itself.


VR technology is going from strength to strength, and a few big brands are already finding ways to work it into their marketing strategies. Coca Cola has previously used the Oculus Rift to create a virtual reality sleigh ride. Meanwhile, Thomas Cook installed VR headsets in number of UK stores to enable customers to experience their destination before they booked.

The scope of augmented and virtual reality is increasing at an incredible rate, and it is hard to guess what sort of campaigns 2018 might have in store. One thing that’s certain though is that it’s going to be an exciting year to be in the content marketing industry.


If you are running an ecommerce store, selling services online, or simply trying to promote your content, you should 100 percent check out Pincodes. An innovative reinvention of the QR code, these little icons contain an image of your choosing, and can be scanned with the Pinterest Lens app to take customers directly to your profile, or to a Pinterest board of your creation.

This is a handy way to direct people to the content you most want them to see. Furthermore, as Pincodes can be used in physical marketing communications, and even on signs, billboards, or products, there is huge potential for a savvy marketer who wants to appear on the cutting edge of marketing tech.

Even More Video

Video still has its place in the world of content marketing, and perhaps now more than ever before. On YouTube alone, web users consume over one billion hours of video content per day. Then, of course, there’s Facebook Live, Twitch, and a range of other streaming services and video hosting platforms.

Basically, the video marketing craze is showing no sign of slowing, so make sure your campaign is geared up to include some of this content in the year to come. Tools like Magisto are great for polishing up your content, while others such as Powtoon give you the ability to create animated videos.

Or simply take the plunge and engage your audience with live content, giving them the chance to engage with you directly, and get a glimpse behind the scenes of your brand.

Smart Content

With the continued growth of the IoT, and the rise of AI technology, “smart” content is becoming the face of a new generation of content marketing solutions. This AI-driven content is tailored to each member of its audience, as it is generated using complex algorithms that incorporate a vast amount of data on the subject.

Using everything from their taste profile, to their purchase history, and even analyses of their interactions with other members of their networks, smart content aims to target a customer’s interests at the right time, on the best platform for their needs, and in a manner that most appeals to their browsing style.

You could also consider implementing a chatbot, or similarly automated support system on your website. This means customers can engage with your business, and receive support at any time of day, even when you cannot be available yourself.

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Image Credit: rawpixel via Pixabay

Every marketing strategy needs to evolve over time, and with the needs of its audience, so don’t be put off by the idea of needing to re-evaluate your approach in 2018. While the above techniques will undoubtedly be important to master, that doesn’t mean your existing content is no longer valuable.

By continuing to adapt and diversify your content, you keep your audience interested, and add life to your website. As an added bonus, experimenting with different types of content gives you the opportunity to rework old material, and repost it in a different form.

So start making plans for your 2018 content schedule, but remember, you never know when the next big thing is going to come along. So stay on the lookout for new trends and breaking tech, so you will always have your finger on the pulse of the marketing industry.


Victoria Greene is a freelance writer and ecommerce business growth guru. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she shares tips on ecommerce and marketing. She is passionate about using her experience to help businesses grow their brand.


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