4 tips to spot and stop digital marketing scams and charlatans


Hello, friends and families, the purpose of this video is to give you some tips to avoid dealing with Charlatans I have a story to tell you: yesterday,  I received a phone call from some guys. They told me how bad I was doing my digital marketing my SEO, and they were very critical of the way I was doing my meta tags and the way I was doing my copy and they were telling me that Google hasn't actually changed their algorithm since 2000.  They also told me that backlinks are a conspiracy, that they don't work.

I was laughing!

After 10 minutes of wasting my time with these people, I decided to hang up the phone.

They are out to get you. They want to hijack your time, they want your money, and they don't have any respect for your dreams.

So we need to stop this invasion!

How to identify digital marketing scams and digital marketing charlatans? 

1. Talk to them are they listening to you?

Are they asking you questions about your problem? These people don't need to ask questions. They will tell you a story which is very compelling and they will tell you how right they are and how wrong you are.

2. Are they making you feel guilty and stupid from your work?

They want to leave you without defences, so they will attack the work that you've been doing on the grounds that they know a little bit more than you about marketing. So you submit to them and then they can do anything they want with you.

3. Do they have very unpopular opinions?

...such as what I said earlier about backlinks being a conspiracy or crap like that?

4. Are they answering your questions like a politician?

That is, are they refusing to answer your questions and answering something else instead?

That's it guys this video start as a rant, but I also thought that I give you some tips some takeaways to identify these people. Let's get them out of our table!

Don't waste a single minute of your time with them. Let me know if you have any similar stories.

I would love to hear!


Peru Buesa