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Get More Done By Closing your Laptop (And Going to the Mountains)

Get More Done By Closing your Laptop (And Going to the Mountains)

Are you a committed person who cannot be 5 minutes away from your laptop working on your projects and dreams?

Congratulations! you are in the 5% group of people who really go for their dreams and want to live an extraordinary life on their own terms.

But be wary of cocooning yourself in your office. Especially if you are running your own business, you'll most likely have a temptation to doing everything yourself, which means that you simply won’t find the hours. And you'll be so busy that you stop being productive.

Some business owners have reported getting up to three times as many important things done working 60 or 70% of the time by going for a workation.

Make it part of your commitment

Back in the day, I thought that having fun and going to places away from work was a way of escapism. It is indeed how society packages holidays and days out. I saw this as an exercise of letting go of your responsibilities and finding solace in pleasure.

At the time, I didn’t have any goals, I was simply surviving.

Nowadays, days out are part of my commitment to creating a business that helps other businesses impact the World and make a profit through telling powerful digital stories.

On Saturday I went to Picos de Europa, a mountain range in Northern Spain with breath-taking views. As I ventured up into the steep rocky slopes, I had a feeling of great power, pleasure, and inspiration to new ideas to apply to my projects.


The first thing that the trip inspired me to do was editing this video and writing this article, which hopefully will inspire people to grab their backpacks and go to the mountains for a day.

pack your bag

Close all your apps except one called Wikiloc. Browse among millions of hiking routes that users upload there themselves. Choose something easy to start with

·      5-10km

·      A merciful height profile

Our Saturday Route

Our Saturday Route

Here is a link to the exact route we took.

You don’t need fancy hiking equipment unless you go for more than one day. Get yourself some fruits, nuts, a sandwich and lots of water.

Enjoy yourself and make sure to smile and say 'hi' to everybody you walk past.

Have you experienced getting more done by doing less?

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