Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

We have finalised all the chapters of our digital marketing strategy guide!

At Gozen Media we are proud to show you guys our approach to digital marketing strategies. As we are all about efficiency and effectiveness, we can pretty much boil our process down into 8 steps. Tim Ferriss said once that the best job is the one that takes the least effort...

We were tired of seeing digital marketing agencies (and gazillions of charlatans) not sharing their process and talking gibberish about their online marketing services. We were also tired of seeing so many clients having problems to understand some of the things that we do in this industry. The truth is that it can be very esoteric. 

We wanted to demystify digital marketing in the late 2010s with an easy-to-digest series of videos that run you through the main pillars of digital marketing for any small business. 

Are you ready? let's dive into the table of contents. 

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide - Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Goals and messages

Chapter 2 - Target audience research

Chapter 3 - Competitor research

Chapter 4 - Internal performance research

Chapter 5 - On Page SEO

Chapter 6 - Content Marketing

Chapter 7 - Link Building

Chapter 8 - Influencer Marketing

Would you like more chapters in this guide or would you like us to guide you through our process? We know it like the back of our hand. Get in touch today!

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