5 Maneras de Publicitar tu Academia de Idiomas Online

Tus alumnos potenciales se pasan una parte significativa de su día buscando información en Google o navegando el muro de Facebook, lo que significa que si no estás presente online estás perdiendo una gran oportunidad de que tu negocio aparezca antes sus ojos... ¡sin tener el cliente que pasar por delante de tu academia!

Open your Content Marketing Chakras (infographic)

I know, digital marketing is esoteric enough to mix it up with more obscure concepts such as the Chakras, but as I explore new ways of getting to know myself I learn about things that I cannot help but apply to my content marketing work. 

I have put together this infographic to help you meditate on your content marketing efforts and get the most out of them.

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

At Gozen Media we are proud to show you guys our approach to digital marketing strategies. As we are all about efficiency and effectiveness, we can pretty much boil our process down into 8 steps. Tim Ferriss said once that the best job is the one that takes the least effort...

How to create a CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY that works

Content marketing, also known as inbound marketing, can make your website steadily attract leads who are already interested in your product without pushing sales to them. But spending loads of time producing the wrong type of content without really adding value to your target audience can lead to your website not attracting visits and not communicating a message of trust.

How to radically improve your on-page SEO in the next 30 minutes

There are some Google ranking factors you can control, and those are your on-page SEO activities. Getting your on-page SEO right will not be a silver bullet for your rankings, but it can give you a great advantage over your competitors, because the rules of on-page SEO change constantly and most websites do not really keep up with those changes.