How your content strategy can save your brand

Content marketing is not only useful for a more optimal and attractive website, but it will also benefit your whole brand and yourself, for we are communicating constantly. It is useful even if you are working on your personal brand (which you should).

Here are seven beautiful benefits of a content marketing strategy.

Peru Buesa
Top 6 ways to prevent SEO cataclysms

I recently saw the Joe Rogan podcast with Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock where they discuss the cataclysm theory. The guests argue there is the possibility that an advanced civilisation existed before it was thoroughly wiped out by a huge meteorite that shattered the ice sheet and caused a giant tsunami, fires and rainfall over most of the Northern Hemisphere.

Peru Buesa
7 things best SEOs do

When you are to invest your money on any technology or digital service for your business, you want to make sure that you get the 'state of the art' of whatever you are after and can afford.

Peru Buesa