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New website and immediate results

Alvaro Antona

Alvaro Antona


Who said being freelance means being broke and not having time to do the things you are passionate about?

...even if you are a musician?

A lean content marketing strategy and website template can instantly help you get more people enquiring about your services, even before growing your traffic.

It can also give you an immediate ranking boost on search engines.

We are pleased to share with you how World-class flamenco guitarist Alvaro Antona made his highest-paying client two days after launching his new website, structured and revamped by Gozen Media.  


The challenge

Alvaro Antona was yet another struggling freelancer, determined to make a living doing what he loved the most. In his case, playing and teaching flamenco guitar.

It is difficult to find clients locally in Madrid, as competition is fierce in the capital of flamenco. He mostly relied on referrals and networking, which meant he couldn’t always find the best gigs or clients.

His freelance website helped him find some clients who’d take his lessons via Skype from any corner of the world.

But his website was little more than an online CV, with cool images and info about Alvaro but not much information about his services.

He thought that focusing on delivering Skype lessons worldwide was more convenient for his time and also for his money.

He could spend more time living life with passion, which is the number one premise for any flamenco artist.

He needed a content strategy and website redesign.



Peru Buesa travelled to Madrid to visit Alvaro's flamenco guitar studio, where he had a very lengthy conversation with Alvaro about his business goals and ambitions.

This is how Gozen Media's discovery meetings look like

This is how Gozen Media's discovery meetings look like

The most important thing for Gozen Media is to absolutely understand what are their clients’ goals, ambitions and expertise. Read here more about goals and messages.

Target audience research

Then we conducted online market research. The main goal was to build buyer personas and identify the pain points people have when they learn flamenco guitar so that we could create content that aids people in their journey and makes them consider Alvaro as their teacher.

Competitor research

Knowing what his closest competitors were doing was essential, especially in such a small niche. We found plenty of opportunities!

Content audit

We researched the most popular content in his niche and what type of questions people are having about learning flamenco guitar.


After the research, we created the content that was missing on the website. We came up with a comprehensive list of actions to take. The most important thing was to create more English language content, as we now mostly targeted an international audience.

For example, real social proof was missing, so we focussed on collecting:

  • Images of Alvaro with his students

  • Testimonials

  • Videos of Alvaro playing with world-class artists

Social proof is essential for someone to trust a guy who is asking money from the other side of the World in exchange of guitar lessons.

alvaro con iran.jpg
alvaro antona students
Example of testimonial

Example of testimonial

Also, we added all the information that the client needs before getting in touch, so that alvaro could have less dead leads and nuisance calls.

Product development

We also focused on increasing conversion rate by designing new offers and packages that were easier to understand than his previous offering.

Example of study plan offered in the service area.

Example of study plan offered in the service area.

We also refreshed the website template to a more positive feel.

Have a look at Alvaro's new website


We updated his keyword strategy and respectively his meta data and copy to adjust for those keywords and topics.

We also created a content promotion strategy oriented towards getting more backlinks and climbing up the rankings for related keywords.



Alvaro called me 2 days after the website went live:

“I just made 900 euros from a client, he paid me upfront via paypal”

Having worked for big brands such as a Heineken or UBS we have rarely seen results this fast.

In addition, average rankings on Google have increased for his most important keywords in just one week. We believe this is because of the update in his SEO strategy and the instant improvement in user experience metrics.

From page 2to page one for 'flamenco guitar lessons online' in just a week!

From page 2to page one for 'flamenco guitar lessons online' in just a week!

The best bit is that we have just started, and a whole new bundle of SEO, content marketing and social media strategies is about to be implemented for Alvaro's personal brand.


What Alvaro has to say

There are two ways to evaluate a project. The first is about the return on investment in terms of sales, no matter the benefit you get as a client.
Another way to evaluate offers the capability to make your project profitable and at the same time creating a quality product.
Working with Peru Buesa widens your perspective on your business and at the same time automatically enriches your audience.
In less than a week after launch, my first client has invested 900 euros with the confidence and safety that the website has offered him.
Republishing my website made me project more trust to my clients.
Peru’s work has been impressive, easy and approachable 24/7.
— Alvaro antona
alvaro antona darkness

If you are a struggling freelancer wanting to get more work through your website, contact us and Peru Buesa will personally arrange a 1-hour complimentary call with you to give you some ideas of what you must do with your personal online brand to put an end to those horrid networking events and unqualified ‘compromised leads’ your friends send you with the best of their intentions.