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by Spreading the magic of Flamenco across the universe

Alvaro Antona is a Madrid-based world-class flamenco guitarist who has played and taught Flamenco in countless countries with acts like Anoushka Shankar.
His passion for technology and Flamenco music led him towards us.


The challenge

Music teaching and performance, even in Flamenco, is a highly competitive market with more offer than demand. There are many local teachers, and most people still fail to realise they can have a world class teacher and performer at the click of a button. In addition, Youtube has thousands of free video tutorials where people can learn some basic Flamenco.


Our Work

  • A personal brand website was designed and developed from scratch.

  • All the pages of the site were optimised based on keywords people were actively searching for.

  • We exploited Alvaro's unique selling point as an  English Speaking authentic Flamenco guitarist from Madrid.


The results

We managed to rank for high search volume keywords. For instance, the site managed to rank on the first position for 'flamenco guitar lessons Skype'

Alvaro managed to get additional clients through the site, and he is finding the site very handy to promote his personal brand and get more concerts.

Peru gives you the best options to increase the chances of improving your business online. He offers a great variety of possibilities to increase your site’s rankings. Very knowledgeable about how the web works, he offers quality and efficiency. Without a doubt, a great professional!
— Alvaro antona